Apiary advocate

I have heard of this publication before but have never bothered reading it. I did have a quick talk with the publisher at conference and tonight I thought I better have a quick look. I have to say I'm quite impressed and it certainly full of a lot of information. I have now subscribed and will be looking through some of the back issues. It is refreshing to read some blunt assessments of beekeeping education instead of the newspeak articles we have all become far too familiar with.
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Agree I love the advocate and always look forward to reading the articles.
a Much more factual publication than anything else out there right now.
That's good to hear Frazzie that you like the Apiarist's Advocate. They offered me a bimonthly journalism contract, but people have complained if I miss a month. Have done an article on Paul Ridden, Ellesmere Apiaries, also a two part article with Peter Bray, also the Hantz Honey solar powered honey house. I have just done another interview today with a North Is beekeeper, and got some v unexpected answers to some of my questions, so that interview will be in the August edition.

Have got several more interviews lined up for future editions, right now I have got a bit of a back log! I will generally just write about beekeepers and/or people in the industry I have met. I don't want to get hifalutin' - just write on things I can relate to. The person who complained about no article this month, cos I really needed a month off, gave a couple of really good suggestions for future articles. Surprisingly, there are actually quite a few beekeeper topics out there that don't get covered.

Watch this space Frazzie - I might visit you. Oh la la - that red outfit - I could make you the page 3 pinup girl!